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The UEC 50% Scholarship is awarded to high flying, well-rounded candidates with outstanding results in their Pre-University Studies (or equivalent) examinations.


UEC Agg ≤ 20 (5 subjects) 50% tuition fee waiver for the duration of programme in KDU

The UEC Bursary is awarded solely to qualified and deserving students from UEC Schools.

• DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES (Utropolis Glenmarie Campus)

ENTITLEMENT  20% tuition fee waiver for the duration of programme in KDU

* Terms & Conditions Apply


Hiah Kai Xin
Bachelor of Communication (Hons)
(Alumni of Chong Hwa Independent High School, KL)

"I chose KDU through my secondary school counselor’s recommendation and also after visiting the campus. Not only because I like the surrounding here, it’s also because the curricula suits me well. Moreover, tuition fees here is affordable, and there is opportunity for us to apply scholarship or bursary. I would like to thank KDU for offering me the ‘UEC Partner School Bursary’, this provide me a good opportunity to study better. The study environment here is open and encouraging as well, with classmates forming study groups together and lecturers more than willing to clear any uncertainties in terms of knowledge. There’s also a good study life balance. I am a member of the dance division under KDU Performing Arts Society (PARTS), where like-minded dancing-enthusiasts who are share the same passion get together."

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Lee Ven Ming
Bachelor in Accounting (Hons)
(Alumni of Pin Hwa High School, Klang)

"I must say I am lucky that I could further my studies in KDU, as it is well-recognised both in the industry as well as overseas universities. Besides that, I like the spacious campus here as I could easily get a good location for group discussion or self-studying. All in all, it is an ideal studying and living place. I am happy to be a recipient of the ‘UEC Partner School Bursary’, as this helped lighten my parents’ financial load. For my juniors who are still preparing for their UEC examination, I would like to advise you to do your best. Not only does KDU recognise UEC results for enrolment but there are also bursaries for high achievers. You shouldn’t be disappointed even if you didn’t get distinctions in UEC examination, because as long as you qualified to be enrolled, you can always apply for this bursary."

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Eugene Hong Shin
Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons)
(Alumni of Batu Pahat Chinese High School, Johor)

"The first time I stepped into the campus, KDU impressed me with its unique architectural design and its well equipped facilities. For us culinary students, we get full exposure in state-of-the-art facilities which other universities might not have. And these certainly enhances our learning and hands-on experience. My lecturers and fellow senior here are kind and helpful. I’ve made friends from various states and countries, and this is very fulfilling as I am able to understand different cultures. I believe the strong foundation I built here will enable me to cope well when I get into the working society."

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