9 - 12 July 2018


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Communication & Creative Arts

At KDU, communication and creative arts students are immersed in a lively and supportive community to develop their talents and skills. Students from multiple disciplines have the opportunity to interact with each other to encourage synergy and collaborations that will be imperative in managing projects and client interaction in the industry. Our lecturers impart theoretical and practical knowledge based on both academics and years of experience in the industry, striving to shape inquisitive leaders who can express themselves both confidently and creatively.


At KDU, we equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to stand out in our ever-evolving globalised economy. Throughout this process, we also instil in students the confidence and character they’ll require to excel in the fields of business by honing their communication skills, emotional intelligence and sense of entrepreneurship. The opportunities and experiences students are exposed to here at KDU will prepare them to become driven and intuitive leaders.

Computing & Creative Media

As we advance further in a hyper-connected world, digital literacy and technological knowledge becomes more of a necessity than a simple advantage. Technologies that once aided us in our daily activities are now designed to mimic the way we think, imagine and create. It is through the linkage of business, creativity and technology that we may continue to transform untapped creative assets into resources that will spur economic growth, job creation and export earnings.

Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts

The global hospitality, tourism and culinary arts industries are dynamic and constantly evolving. It is among the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, offering boundless opportunities for ambitious students who enjoy working with people and in a range of exciting environments, be it locally or internationally.


Engineering programmes at KDU University College are designed to prepare graduates with everything necessary to face the new industrial economy around the globe. With high quality programmes that adhere to the strict standards set by the Board of Engineers (BEM) Malaysia, students can expect a curriculum that is design-centric and trains them to hone their complex problem-solving skills.

KDU College

Pre-University & Foundation Studies

A good pre-university programme ensures students are able to cope and have a smooth transition into university life, grounding them in the fundamentals of their studies and preparing them to meet challenges ahead. At KDU, we are backed with years of experience in preparing students to meet the vigorous demands of tertiary education worldwide, and for success thereat. Our pre-university programmes are not only aimed at imparting knowledge, but also at developing students’ skills set, confidence, character and integrity, providing students with the best possible head start in their university life.


Law is one of the oldest fields of study, and remains as one of the most sought-after and widely respected programmes in the world. A law degree is the first step towards a career path in the traditional legal sector, whether as a practicing advocate or solicitor. However, a law degree is also one that opens many doors. The modern law graduate can move into a variety of positions not only confined to the courts but may also venture into the government, the public sector, business, corporations and even in entertainment. As the legal profession grows more dynamic every day, there is a demand for law graduates who are holistic in their approach and global in their outlook.


The American Degree Program (ADP) is perfect for students who intend to study in an American-style liberal arts environment as it is designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge to continue their education in the United States. Designed as a direct route into a degree pathway, the ADP’s liberal arts education system is flexible, supports the spirit of inquiry and fosters a culture of idea exchange by focusing on critical thinking. This falls in line with the ideal that students will reach their full potential in the midst of a diverse environment they helped to create, which will open more doors to various communities around the world.


The Professional Accountancy Centre (PAC) at KDU is an ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner, which is the most prestigious level. Platinum status is obtained when Learning Partners demonstrate the highest standards to provide students with the best possible chance of success, including quality and consistency of academic standards as well as student support.